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Politique environnementale et énergétique

HOBART GmbH is committed to continuously reduce its energy consumption and resulting CO2 emissions as outlined in its environmental and energy policy. To measure up to this commitment and to continuously improve its environmental performance, HOBART Deutschland has introduced an environmental and energy management system.


The success of our company is based on its business policy as well as on its ambitious environmental protection targets whose principles are laid down in the code of practice of the ITW Group. These targets and objectives cover much more than what is required by law.


HOBART is therefore in a position to analyze, and thus monitor and control, the parameters that determine its environmental performance and energy consumption. In this process, the company is able to benchmark and document its performance with regard to the targets laid down in its environmental and energy policy and to take corrective action when needed.

The insights obtained through these activities forms an important part of our continuous improvement process.

Company management is responsible for promoting greater environmental awareness among the entire workforce and for assigning responsibilities in this field. To minimise the impact of our activities on the environment, we have defined specific environmental targets and work practices that are based on our environmental and energy policy and are evaluated as regards their effectiveness. Regular management reviews ensure compliance with our environmental and energy policy.


Potential environmental impacts resulting from changes to activities, products or processes are taken into consideration in advance. Local effects of current activities are taken into account to the same degree as the treatment of dangerous substances and the occurrence of noise on the production site. Environmental aspects deduced are taken into account.

Water savings and waste reduction are given as much emphasis as are the ways of applying conscious energy management to save energy. The future - conscious treatment of all resources comprises the preservation and recycling of raw materials and the avoidance of certain substances with the aim of minimizing their impact on the environment. To achieve this, we consistently use technologies that are environmentally friendly. In this process, we also take potential deviations from normal operation into account and prepare emergency plans to prevent any negative impact on the environment.

Energy saving measures and the use of renewable energies are important aspects of HOBART's policy. The company constantly monitors its performance in this area in order to ensure that its environmental and energy targets are achieved.

Ongoing product - related customer advice about environmentally compatible handling and disposal of our products is another aspect of the environmental maxims that are in place at HOBART. HOBART cooperates closely with statutory bodies and the local authorities in the field of incident prevention. With regard to the environmental impact of its activities, the company is in constant dialogue with stakeholders and pursues a public information policy that is based on transparency. Our environmental protection policy also governs all cooperation agreements with external partners that are encouraged by HOBART to contribute to its success.

Active participation in all areas of the company is just as important for complying with our fundamental goals as informing our employees on ecological matters. Every employee in the company is required to make his/her contribution to protecting the environment and must be aware of his/her responsibility. Environmental protection is to be pursued by virtue of each person's initiative and responsibility.