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Cleaning of reusable cups

At major events and sporting events, reliable and thorough cleaning and drying of plastic returnable cups is essential. Dried-on beverage residues, lipstick edges, but also natural soiling such as soil and dust, make it necessary to clean the cups hygienically. In addition, the geometry of the cups makes the cleaning and drying of the cups more difficult due to depressions, ribs and scoops. However, an absolutely dry cup is essential for immediate further use and packaging.

The solution to your problem - the HOBART FUX cup cleaning system

The HOBART FUX cleaning system offers you reliable cleaning and drying of your cups during and after large events, festivals or football matches with several thousand visitors.

Due to the combination of high water circulation and a washing pressure of 3 to 5 bar the desired washing result is reliably achieved with the HOBART cup wash system. The additionally installed microfiltration prevents fast soiling of the washing bath and machine. The high-performance drying and blowing with their specially aligned blades reduces the residual moisture to the minimum, so that the cups leave the system almost dry. The cups can be used again directly or stacked and packed for transport and storage.

The cups are transported through the machine via cup baskets or on a special cup conveyor belt. The construction of the basket and the belt allows a free movement of the cups which supports the washing and drying result optimally.

Many years of research and development have lowered energy and medium consumption to a minimum. Likewise, your operating costs are reduced to a minimum. Intelligent rinsing and drying systems support the work and allow the cleaning machine to be optimally and hygienically operated.

With our modular FUX cleaning system, we can respond individually to customer requirements, throughput rates and satisfy drying requirements to the fullest extent.  A mobile installation in a container makes it possible to clean directly at the venue and save long transports.


Fields of application

  • events
  • concerts
  • sporting events
  • rental service for cup rental

Wash goods

  • cups in different sizes and shapes
  • transport and storage boxes


  •  from 1.000 up to 10.000 cups per hour


We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of a suitable cleaning system for your special application. Contact us now without obligation!

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